• Hi, I want to control my fixture for example Mac Viper Profile with Cyan Magenta Yellow, but all the time I can control them only in RGB mode.

    If I invert the attribute ColorRGB_R , G or B in the fixture definition, nothing change.

    Do I miss something ?

  • ok thank you Ryan.

    if I go in the patch in fixture type and then set the three channel ColorRGB_R,_G and _B as DMX Invert, normally the behavior of the encoder must change from RGB to CMY. If I change the DMX invert, nothing change and the color stay as RGB.

  • If I DMX Invert R, G and, B and look at the DMX output it looks correct, Full red outputs a DMX value of 0, FL, FL. it's just the Color Picker and 3D is not correct.

    I was going to suggest changing the Channel type from RGB to CMY, but that only kind of works for some reason.

  • Has there been any update that fixes this? My venue uses two different consoles (the MA3 being the newest addition, the other one being the blue competitor XD). It is kind of annoying to have to chance all of the robe fixtures we have from cmy to rgb color mixing mode every time I want to use the MA...

  • I know this is a late reply but I haven't had the opportunity to use MA3 together with physical lights for a while....

    I see that different color picker tabs Ryan Kanarek , but that only does the conversion from rgb to cmy within the software. It does not change the dmx output. I have a fixture that is on CMY mode, and the console still thinks that it is in RGB mode.

    I guess the only way is creating a new fixture profile with the RGB parameters changed to CMY? That is kind of annoying since I don't have a gdtf file for that fixture and would have to create a whole new one which isnt very easy or quick...

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