Macro not working

  • I am trying to write macros to change phasers values on the fly.

    Currently one of the macros is as follows:

    -blind edit on

    -edit preset 25.1

    -select encoderpage 4

    -step 1 transition 100

    -step 2 transition 100

    -update preset 25.1


    -recast preset 25.1




    -blind edit off

    Currently the macro requires a user input to press ok when the "do you want to update preset 25.1" pops up.

    Is there a way to have the macro press the ok button for me so the macro requires no user input?

  • Thank you both for your help, /nc or /m dosent achieve what I want it to, I found the best way to do it was just to re store it instead of updating the preset. It seems as though I do have to Recast the preset otherwise the changes do not take place in the cue its in, maybe this is a bug?

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