Selection Grid and groups

  • hey so has anyone else found when selecting fixtures via groups the selection grid position doesn't move to one point past the last fixture selected each time ? seems to be an easy way to create some cool effects but also really painful , is there a way to turn this on and off ?

  • Grid positions are stored into a group, preset, cue, etc.

    When calling groups, the fixtures will be placed at exactly the position they are stored in the grid.

    If you want to place a group on different grid positions, move the grid cursor to the new start position. This can be done via tapping once into the selection grid window (the blue cursor will be moved then) or via the Grid keyword: Grid 1/3 will move the cursor to x 1 / y 3 position in the grid. After that you can select a group/fixtures/presets/etc.

    You can also span a rectangle or cube with the grid syntax before selecting fixtures, e.g., Grid 1/1 Thru 5/5 or (rectangle) Grid 1/1/1 Thru 3/3/3 (3d cube)

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