Hardware/face panel test

  • Hey all!

    Does anyone know of an existing (or potentially upcoming) hardware test for the MA3 consoles? The feature that existed on MA2 was very useful. My primary interaction with MA devices is as a shop tech, creating networks for shows, and QCing gear when it returns from shows. I have had MA3 desks returned already that have hidden issues, such as a button not responding or a screen not responding to touch but still displaying images properly.

    The feature in MA2 that I am referencing is activated by doing the following:

    With desk powered down, press and hold 101+102, turning the desk on, and then also pressing 105. This can be repeated with 116+117, and 120. As well as X1+X2, and X5, in the same order of operations for their respective control modules.

    Thanks for any input!


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