• hi, i would like to make task about bugs which i found.

    Console software

    1. At my opinion AutoFix doesn't work correctly

    2. another bug will be easier explain step by step:

    - make seq at fader

    - make another pole (upper button with some function)

    - move seq at another page

    - move seq at another place

    - seq is separates and i can't move it or delete anymore

  • I know that a lot of funcionality still is not implemented. but I am just passing elearning, and trying make it step by step. but it supprising me that functionality of official guid doesn't work correctly

  • Hmm this is a little bit interesting, not sure if this is exactly what you are seeing but I also see something odd when moving a fixed fader to another page.

    It does not always seem consistent, but here are the steps I took to cause it to happen:

    1. Store Sequence 2
    2. Assign Sequence 2 at Page 1.215
    3. Set Sequence 2 Property "AutoFix" True
    4. Set Page 1.215 "Height" 2
    5. Go+ Page 1.215
    6. Next Page
    7. Move Page 2.215 at 2.214
    8. Move Page 2.214 at 2.215
    9. Move Page 2.215 at 2.214

    Steps 7, 8 or 9 will cause the 200 executor to either split from it's 300 or the 300 goes missing. when this happens you can't move the 200 executor. However, if in AutoFix mode this seems to be cosmetic since turning the executor off and back restores the fader to its proper height and can be moved again. If you did a Fix On Page 1.215 then you have to turn the fix off and go+ the fader before it will rejoin and can be moved.

    Other Width/Height issues still exist so my guess it just hasn't been looked at yet.

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