• Yes, and as i opened the WebRemote on my iphone 8 it was very annoying to see about nothing you can work with.

    So is there any chance to work with the webRemote from a mobile phone? Because now all the buttons are in normal size and so you can't see really anything to work with...

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  • With release v1.2 the new 'Trackpad' window can be configured for pan and tilt control. Whilst this is currently only Pan and Tilt, it might be somewhat helpful to you as a fellow tablet user!

    There are options for Fine or Normal, and you can lock the window to only control one attribute at a time.

  • Yes, but i will not help for WebRemote. You can't even see the TrackPad on your mobile Phone because of to big Icons from the WebRemote Interface.

    The Trackpad Window is a nice gimmick that helps you to position your lamps "with your finger" instead of encoders. But won't really help for a better Remote-function if there is no good Display Solution.

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

  • I ran into exactly this today.
    Phone was showing only a few buttons.
    iPad was better but reported resolution was 1104 x 716 and I believe the display is 2160x1620
    Tried resolution setting 'unlimited' and 1080P.

    Any tips?

  • I have been in contact with MA about the unusability of web remote on a mobile a while back. The issue got acknowledged but nothing much happened.

    It has been well over 3 months since the last software update now. What's happening at MA?? is as buggy and unfinished as it's predecessors and yet it's advertised on the web page like the great solution.


  • While we wait here is a solution which might be acceptable for many.

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    It's a touchOSC web remote for mobile devices made by this Swiss guy.

  • While it is far from ideal, this is how I feel I get the most out of the webremote, on my old tiny Iphone SE

    configuration is easiest done on a laptop's web-browser

    login with a laptop via the web-browser

    1. configure your remote display 1 like this (fixed height of 4, fixed width of 14, only show control bar and Commandline)

    2. select each of the other displays, and repeat configuration

    3. populate the Display 1 thru 4 with your most important views, populate display 5 with a viewpool with access to more views

    4 . close web-browser on laptop. this is now configured in your showfile for the user you logged in with

    5 . connect with your phone, and use the Display buttons to change view, and the horizontal scrollbar to see e.g. exec 204 to 215 ref snapshot below

    if I need access to cmdline I rotate my phone to landscape, to get a wide enough cmdline bar

  • I can only agree with anything that is said here... But i found a way for me on Apple devices to - at least - a readable solution...

    I use the Safari browser and scaled the website zoom settings to 50 % on iPhone and iPad.
    On the iPhone in horizontal orientation there is a setting "horizontal tab bar" which hide the url bar, which helps a little bit.

    On the iPad

    On the iPhone


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