grandMA2 fixture type import

  • I'm trying to import a custom fixture personality for a JDC-1 into my MA3 file and having issues. I've dumped the .xml files into my grandma3, shared, lib_fixture_types folder. I then go into my patch in ma3, and can see the fixture profiles when I select the correct drive and navigate to grandMA2. but all the profiles appear without name, and importing fails. or rather, it imports an empty fixture type in the patch (which I can see when I try to add a fixture from fixturetypes in the current show) but with no fixture along with it.

    any hints here?

  • Hello Kai,

    if you want to import grandMA2 fixtures the easiest way is to export them via the grandMA2 software.

    Setup / Backup / Export Patch to grandMA3

    You'll can load these patch as a show file in grandMA3 and import the fixtures.

  • right. should have thought of that.

    i've already created a patch in my template file and rather than start from scratch with this export/import method, i'm trying now to import specific fixture types from my show.

    after opening the show in MA3, i've tried every method of exporting that i can find (user/gdtf, internal/usb/ma3) and when i try to import that fixture i get no results.

    is there a way to import patch from MA2 into an *existing* patch on MA3?

  • Hi Kai,

    Here is what I tried.

    In gMA2:

    • Patch the required fixtures .
    • Go to Backup > Internal > Export to grandMA3 1.1.3

    The showfile is exported with the same name as it is in gMA2.

    In gMA3:

    • Menu > Backup > Internal
    • Load the exported-gMA2 showfile.
    • Menu > Patch > Fixture Types
    • Select the required Fixtures and press "Export"
    • Leave the name space as it is (<Default>)
    • Then load your actual showfile you are building.
    • Go to Menu > Patch > Insert New Fixture
    • Go to the "User" tab and you will find your fixtures

    Hope that helps.



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