3d view loses stage onpc

  • I'm using gma3 onpc version. When I change a view from 3d to something else and go back to 3d it does load only blank black space, not showing any of fixtures. So the stage and fixtures are missing. Does anyone else have same problem and what could cause this?

    In a ma3 terminal I see a red text "Could no resolve object address for Pool" that seems to occur everytime I change the view back to 3d.

    I've checked the system requirements for computer hardware and that should not be the issue.

  • Ryan, "Stage" button is set to Stage1, doesn't make different changing it.

    I tested this with two different laptops and one desktop and had same issues.

    Laptop1 thinkpad T480s, i7 8th gen, 16Gb RAM, Intel UHD Graphics 620, win10 64bit: Works only randomly when switching layout view

    Laptop2 thinkpad T460p, i7 6th gen, 16Gb RAM, Nvidia 940MX, win10 64bit: Works only randomly when switching layout view

    Desktop Lenovo m93p(tiny) i7 5th gen,16Gb RAM Intel HD Graphics 4600, win10 64bit: Works most properly, even tough specs are below the recommendations

    When I change beam quality to LINE, it shows "lines", but not fixtures or stage. Also Show label on Spot/Body buttons adds the label text/numbers in view.

    Same "Could no resolve object address for Pool" text keeps popping up in terminal. I have tried to change the computer/display settings, checked all drivers are up to date, reinstalled gma3 software.

  • Could no resolve object address for Pool

    Just ignore this system monitor message. It appears when you open a view with a pool window.

    Are the GPUs powerful enough for 3D? It sounds that they are only small ones or chipset graphics.

    How many VRAM do they have available?

    When you want to use the 3D window, you should try to meet the recommended system requirements instead of the minimum ones.

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