[Solved] Assign fade on all the cue of sequence by maccro

  • Hello i try to make a maccro for change the cue fade in all the sequence.

    On Gm2 i have this maccro :

    Assign Executor 99.1 Cue Thru / Fade 3

    Don't work on Ma3.
    Any idea ?

    Thank you

  • In grandMA3 it is "Set" rather than "Assign" for object properties, and the keyword for a cue's fade time is CueFade. For example:

    • Set Cue Thru CueFade 3
      • All cues on the selected sequence
    • Set Sequence 1 Cue Thru CueFade 3
    • Set Exec 201 Cue Thru CueFade 3
      • All cues of the sequence assigned to exec 201 of the current page
    • Set Page 99.201 Cue Thru CueFade 3
      • All cues of the sequence assigned to exec 201 on page 99
  • Thank for reply, that work, but when i put it on my sequence, all the "duration" follow the value of fade, and the fade not appear on 3D.
    Test with a sequence of color cue.

    What's the problem ?

  • Duration is simply an addition of all the fade and delay times - including overall cue fade and delay (both in and out), featuregroup fade and delay, and individual fade and delay - of the entire cue part. If you have no timing other than the overall cue in fade, then the duration will of course automatically match that.

    What color attributes are you using for this? If you're using ColorWheel or something else with "Snap" enabled for that attribute, it will ignore the CueFade value anyway. Also, do you have Exec Time enabled? Or the Time fader for your sequence?