Neue Fixture einfügen funktioniert nicht bei Windows

  • Hallo

    Wie kan man den neue Fixtures einfügen die noch nicht in der MA3 Software enthalten sind.

    Und kan man den auch scheinwerfer die nicht in der MA liberty zu finden sind wo anfertigen oder anfertigen lassen.

    Arbeite mit Windows 10.

  • Hello VTP,

    as already written we lead the forum in english to reach as many users as possible. Therefore I answer in english.

    You can import fixtures in the grandMA3 onPc software in the patch dialog / Fixture Types via the Import button. You have to switch from "internal" to for example your USB stick. The fixture will be saved on the stick in the folder: \grandMA3\shared\lib_fixture_types on the stick. The Fixture Builder allows you to create grandMA2 fixture types which can be imported. You can download the Fixture Builder here:

    You can find in the fixture share fixtures created and uploaded by other users or by MA support to make them available to other users:

    In individual cases we can help you in support with the creation of a fixture:.
    Just contact us via :


  • Code
    Hello I tried this today with the USB stick, the program finds the data but does not open it in the software. What could it be? I downloaded and unpacked all the fixtures from the MA page but he doesn't find them at least not in ma2 in ma3 there are unfortunately not yet.
    I have to get them all made. How long can this take?
  • Where did you download the fixture types? From the FixtureShare?

    If yes, from the grandMA2 (gray-yellow) part of the share or the grandMA3 (gray-white) part of the share? There is a switch in the top right corner before logging into the share, where you can switch the modes.

    I assume you downloaded grandMA2 fixture types:

    Copy them into the grandMA2 folder structure in your usb drive: /gma2/library.

    From there you can import them into grandMA2.

    grandMA2 onPC and grandMA3 in Mode2 allow you then to convert the show (at the moment only the patch) within the backup menu to grandMA3 (Save patch as grandMA3 x.y.z).

    When you load the converted show in grandMA3 then you can export the converted fixture types as grandMA3 user fixture types and use them in other grandMA3 shows.

    There is also the possibility that you downloaded GDTF fixture files from the GDTF share. You don't have to unpack these files.

    Put them on your usb drive into this folder: /grandMA3/shared/lib_fixture_types/gdtf.

    From there you should be able to import the files while adding new fixtures in the patch. Just switch from Internal drive to the usb stick in the top right corner of the Add fixture dialog and select the GDTF tab.

    In addition you can also create your own grandMA3 fixture types within the grandMA3 software. Therefore, go to fixture types (top left corner) in the patch menu.

  • Hello I have now also downloaded the Grand ma2 software and saved the fixture as described in the patch and then exported it to MA3 there I can open the fixtures but if I export it he saves the fixtures to me in a folder that I export dan in the usb stick too, but he does not save it to me in the fixture lib under MA3 or anywhere else, whom i insert it on the stick dan he shows me the fixtures in the patch but can not use them.

    Please help.

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