laptop specs to run ma onpc

  • Hello to everyone,

    I am looking for a laptop that could run maonpc, and in a future a command wing.

    The use of the laptop is for lighting and few video editor and photo editor.

    I am looking a gaming laptop, but are too expensive for me.

    My budget is about €700.

    Thank you for your response.

    What is more reliable an intel processor with an intel graphic card, or amd precessor with a radeon graphic card? There are a lot of chices and i am very distracted about this issues-

  • It's very hard to say what will and won't work for and your right, there is a lot of choice out there but a few things that might narrow down your choice a little.

    First, take a look at the System Requirements for onPC

    Next take a look at a site like PC Parts Builder (Laptop) it's not an exhaustive list but it can help you narrow down your options using the filters, then find something similar that is available locally that fits into your budget.

    On the System Requirements you will find that you need a Intel 6th gen (6xxx) Core processor with a minimum of 4 cores or similar AMD, that basically rules out all of the Core i3s and some of the lower end Core i5s.

    Next with RAM, running windows with 8 Gigs of memory is painful personally, so I'd say a minimum of 16 or 12 if your budget strapped and won't be joining session with a console.

    SSD's are relatively cheap these days and will make a huge difference in the speed of the machine, specifically when you run low on memory.

    As for the Video Card, Most if not all of the integrated Intel in the 6xxx i5 and i7 I think meet or exceed the minimum specs, however many (or maybe all) of them share Graphics memory with Main memory. Also you might be hard pressed to find a machine with only an integrated card If you have that meets specs.

    Watch for cheaper laptops with less than 1080p displays. Running on less than 1080 means the onPC displays can be quite small or even impossible to use.

    Lastly a cheaper laptop may not have an Ethernet port so be sure to budget for a dongle.

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