Warning : Plugins "system test" !!

  • Good morning all,

    Be careful with the "system test" plugins in the importable plugins by default.

    Yesterday playing with the plugins I imported the MA plugins "System test" and by clicking on it, the console makes a series of tests ...

    But at the end of the test on my compact Xt, the screen on the left displayed the logo 'grandMA3 "and impossible to find the screen !!

    In mode2, no worries but in mode 3 big display problem in screen 2.

    I had to perform a Factory RESET + Clean instal to find my console in functional mode3.

    Watch out for this plugins ...

  • I have also run into this on my light.

    System test seems to be the only included plugin that causes this issue and fortunately doing a Restore does fix it as you say.

    If you are testing writing plugins also be careful using the string.format() as sending it the incorrect type will cause a crash

  • Hello everyone,

    I got the tech.support by email, and it is not mandatory to do a factory reset ...

    The simple solution:

    It is to type in the command line "Store display X" to make reappear the missing screen !!

    Hardware :

    grandMA3 Compact XT

    MSI GS65 RTX2060 I7 16go

    Capture 2021 Symphony edition

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