Console Crash when updating cue

  • I have a recurring issue when updating a cue, I hit "update", add new content, when I click on the cue the console crashes with the error "RunTask TcpServerClient caught Network Exception: 'Recieve:An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host'" I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing this but if anyone has suggestions I'm all ears. If not I assume this will be part of a future bugfix release

  • Hey comeauxn712,

    this crash happens because you have some undefined attributes in your showfile.

    There are two ways to fix it:

    1) Change the Fixturetypes from your showfile against Fixtures from the grandMA2 Lib in the grandMA3 Software.

    2) Assign the Attributes to a Feature.

    To do this go to Setup-Patch-Attribute Definitions

    In the List you see, the Colum "Feature" should not be empty.

    -->See attached Screenshot

    This Bug is already known and should be fixed in the upcoming versions...

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