Dot2 onPC + enttec + remote inputs

  • Hello !

    I'm kinda new to the lighting world, a friend suggested I use Dot2 onPC as I only have a need for it 2-3 times per year.

    The video tutorials, youtube and the manual really make it easy for a beginner !

    I use an enttec interface (thanks for the free universe !) therefore no node or console.

    Is it possible to use remote inputs in my case ? (midi or dmx)

    I'm using the latest version by the way.

    So far I'm struggling with midi translator softwares, midi to artnet ...

    It this point, knowing if it is possible is actually the first step to finding a solution I believe.

    Thanks for any help or advice you might have for me !

  • guarda io uso dot 2 su pc o la tua stesa versione ma io uso il nodo 2 x dot2 e mi va abbastanza bene con il mi di non riesco aiutarti solo che io non uso il midi ma uso il remoto per comandare con table o cell e mi va dabastanza bene

  • Hello.

    Absolutely. You can use one or the other with the appropriate translator. A lot has been said here in the forum. As for midi, without any translator you can map only buttons, potentiometers not. Potentiometers without translator only on-off. To start with, try a dedicated program, e.g. ShowCocpit, or brend otto midi to art-net or monster or many ... Read this ...

    127 midi note input

    What is your midi console?

  • Hi ! Thanks for your response.

    Now that I know it's possible, I only need to find what's wrong with my configuration.

    My enttec interface has dmx in, so I tried a botex dc1224 type console.

    However I noticed that the software I use to do Artnet to dmx only works one way.

    So instead, I plugged in my Novation launch control XL to give it a try.

    I came across bomac while googling the subject.

    Bomac recognises the Dot2's artnet network, and reacts to my Novation controller, but nothing happens in Dot2.

    Anyways, I'll have a look at your link, the rest of the forum and try to figure it out !

  • Ha ! Just got my Novation controller to work with bomac !

    Apparently I only needed to believe it could function !