app remote

  • here will be an app for remote controlle by ipad and iphone ??

    in the next ralise you can enter the password to levels so that you have admin , operator and user with the ability to lock the console completely and some functions for users ?


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  • it would be helpful to enter at least the opportunity when you are away to protect the console with a pasword .
    many times happen to leave the console to inexperienced people and the ability to have the lock on the show changes would be a good thing

  • There is already a "lock" on the console...
    press the [MA] key on the console and while you are holding that down, press the [FIX] key.

    This will lock your console. To unlock use the same key combination. If you have an external keyboard you can press the [pause] key.

    With this you can't operate the console and any faders being moved will not affect the output. This is not a true password level lock, but it is quite sufficient to keep prying hands at bay. :)

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