Backup Show Time Incorrect

  • I was just poking around with the backup system when I noticed it's a little odd how the date and time are displayed.

    First, when you create a new show it's not committed to disk (Either Shows or Backup) until you backup a second time. Not really an issue since show is essentially empty at this point and how it worked in MA2. When you make your second backup this is the date and time that will be displayed in the Date column of all your Shows and Backups.

    The third and higher times you backup the current file in shared/shows will be moved to shared/backups and tagged with the GMT time (.YYYY.M.D_H.M.S) that it was originally saved then the current the current show is saved to shared/shows again with the displayed time of the second saved show.

    The odd part about this is it can look like you lost a save when in fact it's just in your shows path and not the backup.

    For example (assuming I'm at GMT to make things easier):

    1. Create a new show at 10:00
    2. Backup a second time at 11:00
    3. Backup again at 12:00
    4. Backup again at 13:00

    At 13:15 you notice you need to go back to 13:00 so you open your Backup>Shows menu and notice that the Date column shows 11:00 (where did the 13:00 save go?). Next you go into backup and notice that the Date columns for both files are 11:00 but the file names are listed with the times after the underscore. Since we are in GMT that will show and

    At this point you can either just load the file in Backup>Shows or backup a 5th time and notice that you now have a file with the correct GMT time in the backups.

    All of this is straightforward if you are in GMT and not in a rush but it seems like that Date column should show the converted local time that the file was saved so that it's very clear what tile should be loaded, kind of like how it works in MA2.

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