Blind and Program Time

  • Hey everyone,

    I might be missing something but heres the problem I'm having.

    So say you go into blind to build your next look. On ma2 you were able to use the program time to fade out and/or into blind mode. This is how I busked things 90% of the time. Currently i can use the program time as expected except with blind. It just snaps in and out of it.

    Is this the expected behavior or is it another thing that isn't implemented yet? Thanks in advance!

  • Hey jeverett,

    you are right, Programmer-Time together with Blind On/Off is not implemented yet.

    But something like this is already implemented.

    Blind has now a Master.

    With that Master you can crossfade between Blind On and Blind Off.

    It is not what you asked for but maybe you can give it a try!

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