Sketchup to MA3D

  • Is it possible to take a 3D file from Google Sketchup and import it into the MA3D environment for the visualizer?

  • All you do is export the mode from sketchup as a .3ds file and put that file into shared\lib_fixture_types\meshes folder. From there you can import into the mesh pool and use as any other mesh.

    Edit: as this is the PC forum you the full path is:


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  • Well, you need the Pro Version of Sketchup, with the free version it is not posible to export as 3ds. A workaround ist to export as colada file, import it into Blender and export it from Blender to 3ds.

  • Ok....I've got my 3ds file imported into the meshes folder. Now how do I recall that in the software to bring it into the 3D?

    • Go into Patch
    • On the left top on Fixture Types
    • Insert New Fixture Type and give is a descriptive name (if you don't name it it looks like it does not show up in the fixture list)
    • Edit the new Fixture Type
    • Across the top, tap on Models Tab
    • Insert a new Model
    • Edit the Mech Column and choose your mesh.
    • While in the models Tab check the Length, Width and Depth to make sure it's what you expect. if not you can change one of the values here and the others should calculate.
    • Now Under the Geometries Tab
    • Edit the Models Column and choose the model you just created.
    • Close the fixture Types Edit Dialog
    • Before exiting the Fixture Types Dialog double check it has a name and xxit the Fixture Types Dialog
    • Now "Patch" your new fixture and exit the patch and you should see your model in the 3D window positioned at 0,0,0. Then you should be able to position in 3D like any other fixture.

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