Will There Be A Update To The DOT2 Software This Year?

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    Thanks for this update.

    However, I have a question.

    When can we expect another one?

    Maybe next year or in 2022 I think. In this update you'll find new bug-fixes an maybe new fixtures in the library, like the latest update version.

    Why should MA listen to users and our wishes. And programming a good solid update, then they already sold all Dot2s... Their Job is done. They have already our money.

  • I bought an MA3 onPC node to move forward...glad I listened to some advice as I'd thought about a Dot2 product but was told that it would be more 'flexible' if I went MA3, I agree.

  • Hello,

    the current software version was released in April 2020 and a further development of dot2 was and is not planned.

    However, we will continue to support dot2 in case of questions or technical issues.

  • Then why MA dealers accept bug reports and mark them as approved and accepted for improvement? They don't know what they are doing?
    Technical support, in my opinion, also includes the improvement of significant errors that greatly affect the work on the system (exp. The famous need to "push" executors so that they can find their location, reported many, many months ago). And that requires an update, isn't it?
    Otherwise, the product works a bit as "not meeting its purpose", which in some countries may even serve as the basis for a complaint.
    I am asking as a user of physical dot2 systems.

  • We value our users and their feedback and we are doing our best, together with our partners around the globe, to cater user needs and to help find appropriate solutions.

    Dear nasula, to follow up on your request, please get in direct contact with us by replying our email. Thanks

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