• Hey everyone,

    We are getting ready to install MA3 and I am finding that there is no longer a park function. Is there an easy work around for this or will it be implemented soon? We run a lot of things off relays that need to be parked on during shows.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Unfortunately it's not implemented yet.

    You could use a spare executor to hold the parked channels in a sequence. However since AutoStart Macros are also not implemented yet you should also put the executor somewhere you can easily access like the XKeys.

    The obvious downside of using an executor is Off > Off > Everything off will turn off the parked channels sequence.

    If you are parking at full make sure that you have the at least the following sequence settings:

    Auto Stop = Off

    Priority = Super

    Off when Overwritten = Off

    Kill Protect = On

    Swop Protect = On

    If you are parking at some value lower then 100% then you may also want to think of putting parked channels in their own world to avoid storing them at some higher value.

    For example make World 2 for your rig and World 3 for parked fixtures.

    Then you can make a macro like this to remove things you have "parked" from your working world:

    Select World 3

    Fixture Thru

    Store World 2 /Remove /NC

    Select World 2

    This still doesn't solve the Off Off issue but it at least means you wont see the parked channels in your fixture sheet.

  • Thanks for the help! is there any way to get them so solo won't kill them? Maybe I'm thinking of it wrong or missing something but i have all my intelligent fixtures in their own world. When i select it i can no longer see the parked channels or dimmers (which is what i expect) but once i solo something it kills the relays as well.

  • That's Unfortunate, I think that may be a bug. If i do the same in GMA2 solo only offs the things in the world you are working in and that is what I would expect.

    The other thought I had was using CID's but they solo seems global so that wont work either.

    Unfortunately I don't have any other ideas at this point.

  • for Relays, it would be better to use a dedicated fixture-type, which doesn't use the dimmer-attribute.

    Please try if the attached xml-file maybe works better for your scenario.

    Download and place in the following folder of an USB-stick:


    (save a show to the USB-stick first, to create the folder-structure)

    Import to your show via Menu>Patch>FIxtureTypes>Import>Drive2>User

    There are 3 DMX-modes included in the file:

    RelayOn(Off) is default on, but may be switched off via the attribute Control>Relay

    RelayOff(On) is default off, but may be switched on via the attribute Control>Relay

    AlwaysOn is permanently on, thus doesn't need a FixtureID

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