[solved] How to stomp pan and tilt?

  • Hi together,

    i have several sequences with pan/tilt positions and phasers running. How can i stomp them temporaly, if want to focus to the drummer for a short time? Ive pressed the stomp button and then the executor, that will set the position to the drummer. But the lights are still moving (relative effects).

    Thank you

  • If you stomp the lights running the phaser they will stop in place, perhaps not what you are looking for.

    If you want to temporally stop the a phaser and place it into a new position you can use a second executor and assign it as a Flash button and/or Temp fader, then store the preset position for the drummer as the only cue in the sequence. This way you can just press that executors flash button or slowly bring up the temp fader in order to cross fade into the drummer position preset.

    The only gotta is if you don't use a preset position and you store only an absolute hard value in the sequence. Depending what is running when you adjust the absolute values in the programmer you may end up with two or more steps in the programmer causing the lights to move between your new had values and the other steps in the previous running phaser. You can see this if you have a phaser running on a sequence and you select and move the lights absolute values (note the number of steps in the programmer). You can fix this by first setting the Pan and Tilt to Specials > Release values then, setting the absolute hard values and setting the relative pan and tilt to 0 values, but it's much easier to just store a preset and have it work.

  • What do we think is the benefit of the new 'Stomp' functionality, as opposed to just turning the speed down to 0 bpm - which gives you the flexibility to allow the effect to carry on (by turning the speed up again)?

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