How to enter physical values inside a macro?

  • Hi together,

    is there a way to enter physical values inside a macro?

    Ive tried:

    > attribute "pan" at physical -40

    But it does not accept it

    Ive found a workaround to change the userprofile first:

    > Set Userprofile 1 Property "valuereadout" "Physical" /noundo ""

    > attribute "pan" at -40

    Is there a better way?

    Thank you so much

  • Forcing a unit via syntax, you'll find that e.g. "At Percent x" currently works, as there is a fixed relation between percent and decimal, however with the physical unit, any translation depends on the actual pan-ranges of the selected fixtures

    For now (as you found out) you will have to enable the Physical valuereadout/mode so that the fixtures know that the value they receive is to be interpreted as a physical value.

    Hopefully a future version will allow for the Physical keyword entered into the At-syntax to be passed (along with the value) to each fixtures so they can each do the proper translation.