• Hey, I can't find an easy way to replicate the fixture multipatch function of MA1 and MA2 in the MA3 software, can anybody point me in the right direction?

    the use case is I have a rig that consists of 3600 pixels of LED tape, and previously had it connected to an MA1, being grouped into 6 sections, and thus only using the parameters of 6 RGB pixels instead of 3600, but cannot find a way to do the same thing on MA3.

    I hope somebody has a solution to this as without multipatch, I don't see how I can use the MA3 command wing with my existing rig



  • Assuming your MA1 is still operational, you could possibly use the MA1 as a "systemcontroller" for the 3600 pixel LED-tape part of your rig, and utilize the Remote DMX-input of your MA1 to control the 6 sections of pixels

    Store selectively each color-component of the 6 sections into 18 individual executors on the MA1 with the faderfunction as Temp.

    Create DMX-remotes on the MA1 for these 18 faders.

    Patch 6 x RGB-fixtures on your MA3 to control these 18 executors on MA1, which again distributes the 6 sections of RGB to your 3600 pixels.

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