Import grand ma 2 fixtures to grand ma 3

  • Not directly but you can export a patch from a GM2 session and import import that patch into GMA3.

    • Make a new show in GMA2
    • Patch your fixture from fixture share into the show.
    • Go to the Backup Menu and Press "Export Patch to grandMA3 1.0.0". If you are saving from onPC2 to onPC3 then you can either save it to the internal drive or to a USB stick if you want it to be portable.
    • Next Go to GMA3 and load the exported patch from the Backup menu, loading a show with the same name you created on GMA2.

    From there you can go to the patch in GMA3 and see the fixture you patched. You can export the fixture type if you like (so you can load it into a already created GMA3 show). Note that some features like Lowlight and others will be missing but you can add them back if you feeling adventurous from the Edit Fixture Type menu on the GMA3