• Regarding the new video upload of " grandma3 . programmer parts" on YouTube. I have some questions

    1. I cannot reproduce the result layout in the video. After I start a new prog parts (say PART ONE / TWO), when I press a preset, the prog part in the fixture sheet automatically changes to PART ZERO.

    2. it is correct to say each preset also contain CUE PART Information when it is stored? (when u EDIT a preset, you can see there is PART CUE info on the title bar)

    and this will "override" what I want to do?

  • Hi Steven,

    trying to answer your questions:

    1. You are right, currently we have a small bug in this functionality. Will be fixed in the next version.

    2. There is no cue part information in the preset but the preset pool decides in which cue part a preset from this pool should be stored.

    Does this answer your questions?

  • Steven, additional info on your q2

    While no Part information is stored in the Preset, each Preset can be assigned to a specific Part with the 'PartMode' setting. (EditOption)

    This setting will override the Pool setting.

    When activated, the Preset will put it's values in the Programmer in the chosen Part, and the Part also gets the name of the Preset.
    If you Edit the Preset the chosen Part will show there as you mention.

  • Hi Daniel, I want to know if the part cue bug is solved in 1.1 software... because I’ve the same problem like previous version and I want to know if is a mine problem or a bug problem. Many thanks!


  • Hi Angelo,

    no this is still present. What we need here is more an option, so to call the preset in the current programmer part. This is missing.

    But of course on the list.

    As a workaround you could set the respective preset pool to a part mode. Then the preset will be used in this programmer part.

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