• Hey,

    wanna do something like this:

    Sequence with more than one cue

    Cue 1 = Color Bump White

    Cue 2 = Color Bump Red

    The Button should work as Flash

    How to load the next cue without "go" the cue

    tried something like load sequence X cue 2

    But when Iam using the Flash Button Cue 1 is "Go"

    Any Ideas how to do something like that?


    - GMA3 Compact XT

    - GMA3 Command Wing

    HP ProDesk 405 G4 Desktop-Mini 7PG72EA

    AMD Ryzen™ 5 2400GE (4x 3,80GHz)

    8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz

    AMD Radeon RX Vega 11


    2x HannsG HT225 Touchmonitor


  • I tried this:

    Sequence as described

    Button as Temp

    'Restart first cue' OFF

    Load cue 2, hit button

    This seems to work... one time....then back to cue 1

    Funny thing is if I add one cue and load that (3) it will always go back to cue 2..

    Seems to me something is wrong with 'Restart first cue = OFF'

    I assumed OFF meant 'Restart current cue'

    Manual is not up to date and only describes 'Restart first Step' which is not there.