3D view Light not positioning correctly

  • Hi everyone, new user here, trying to get my Maverick MK2 washes to position correctly in the 3D view. I can get the beam to the stage and working with pan or tilt reversed (one of them is always reversed), but the beam shoots out of the base of the 3D object. The MK1 spot we have is working just fine in the 3D viewer aswell. Thanks in advance if anyone can help me figure this out

    Edit: So! I've found that in the 3D world the MK2 Wash believes it can tilt 540° but the fixture itself can only tilt 270° in real life, I believe this is why I'm getting these issues. Is there anyway to change the MK2 washes 3D profile to accurately reflect the 270° tilt?

    Edited once, last by Borida: Figured some stuff out (February 20, 2020 at 6:49 PM).

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