• What is the purpose and use of the following columns in the sequence sheet?

    - SYNC


    - MORPH

    for CUE ZERO, u can change the fade and delay time, I have tried and I don't see any changes.... it is normal that changing timing in cue zero is meaningless?

  • Hi Steven,

    here is what the columns do:

    Sync - Having different phasers in your sequence, the phaser in the next cue starts in sync with the current running phaser of a previous cue or not.

    Allow duplicates - Makes it possible to have the same attribute for the same fixtures in different parts of the same cue. Imagine a big circle running with smaller circles at the same time.

    Morph - Imagine a phaser running in cue 1 with some fixtures. In cue 2 some more fixtures are going to run that phaser. Morph decides how to move into that phaser for those fixtures. Should they immediately start with their movement snapping to the position in the phaser (no morph) or move smoothly to the direction of the phaser (morph).

    Regarding CueZero this is not implemented yet, so therefor you can see no changes at the moment.