Assign Rotary knob.

  • since MA+ NEXT = next step. MA + PREV = previous

    and the rotary knob is so close to those keys.

    I am thinking to assign. ROTARY left = PREVIOUS STEP and ROTARY RIGHT = NEXT STEP

    can anyone teach me how to do this, PLEASE.



  • Hi Steven,

    That's a nice idea.

    Like Andreas mentioned, it's not easy to do at the moment.

    If you think you need it to speed up your programming, you can try the following:

    Create an empty Sequence far away from your current Sequences (for example Sequence 1001) with two cues.

    In the CMD section of the first cue, type:

    Next Step; Off Sequence 1001

    In the CMD section of the second cue, type:

    Previous Step; Off Sequence 1001

    Then in the commandline, type:

    Assign Sequence 1001 At SpecialExec 6

    This will assign the Sequence at the right Rotary Knob.

    Then type these to assign GoFastForward & GoFastBack:

    Edit SpecialExec 6 Property "EncoderRight"

    In the pop-up, choose >>>

    Edit SpecialExec 6 Property "EncoderLeft"

    In the pop-up, choose <<<

    You can then use the same Rotary Knob to create/browse through the Steps.

    Hope that's helpful.

  • Rotary Knob select Cue Function

    Command for previous Step:

    Load -1

    Command for next Step:

    Load +1

    Space between Load and - or + is important.

    This works only with the console or the onPC Command Wing.

    It does not work without hardware !


    1. You need to store some cue´s in a cuelist on an executor.

    2. Press Assign and then Press the Executor Button.

    3. Write/ Load -1 /in the EncoderLeftCmd Window and Press Enter or Please.

    4. Write/ Load +1 /in the EncoderRightCmd Window and Press Enter or Please.

    5. Assign the Encoder Key or the Fader Key as an Go+.

    Now you can rotate the Rotary Encoder and Chose the cue you want.

    Press the Go+ Button to load the cue.

    Thats all ; )

    I use it for busking.

    I hope it works for your needs.

  • It works on the onPc but only in combination with an Command Wing


    - GMA3 Compact XT

    - GMA3 Command Wing

    HP ProDesk 405 G4 Desktop-Mini 7PG72EA

    AMD Ryzen™ 5 2400GE (4x 3,80GHz)

    8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz

    AMD Radeon RX Vega 11


    2x HannsG HT225 Touchmonitor


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