• My patch is only 10 Martin Quantum Spots.

    First, I create a Magnenta preset (store using GLOBAL mode)

    Then, I change the spot to YELLOW and update the preset (using STORE GLOBAL mode)

    this happens whether u use UPDATE or STORE with MERGE.

    My question: why the preset need to show the 2 colours? I want something clean.

    anyone can help?

  • The current version has some issues when using selective data to update global presets

    -as you see there is both a G and S in the tile, and the color symbol displays both the original global value, and your altered selective values.

    You could clean up these tiles by cloning the selective data to your global.

    Something like this should do the job in your scenario:

    Clone Fixture 1 At Global 2 If Preset 4.*

    (remember to backup showfile first, in case this doesn't work for you)