Fade between Cues

  • When a sequence has it's master fader below 100% I experience jumps.

    For instance:

    Cue 1 Full

    Cue 2 20%

    Master fader 30%

    Fade 4sec

    Going from Cue 1 to Cue 2 the fade does not reach it's destination value before the time is out and jumps.

    Going from Cue 2 to Cue 1 the fade actually goes past the destination value then jumps. (Wrap around or Go-)

    Can anyone reproduce this?

    Known issue?

  • Same here kind of.

    From cue 1 to 2 (Go+ or Go-) with a 4 second cue time I can see it fade from 30 to 27 then jumps to 6 when the cue is done.

    From Cue 2 to 1(Go+ or Go-) seems to it goes from 6 to 30, as expected.

    Edit 2: Not sure what changed but I did notice a small overshoot from cue 2 to 1 yesterday. I may have lowered the fader below 30%, and noticed the output go slightly past the target before jumping back down.

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