Move from Part to Part

  • I would like to move some contents from one Part to another.

    In the Programmer and in a Cue.

    Anyone know a way to do it?

    (E.g. I decide to split a Cue in two parts after I stored it)

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    I know a way that doesn't work:

    I tried Cut Selection / Paste Selection in Edit Cue.

    As it did not do what I hoped I pressed Oops and the console crashed.

    Seems like any Cut(or copy) Sel/Paste Sel Oops will result in crash.

  • I think all you need to do it capture what you want to move and then store it into the part.

    So if the main Cue 1 (Part 0) contains Dimmer and Position data then you later want to move the position data to Cue 1 Part 1; call the position data in to the programmer and:

    Store Cue 1 Part 1 AKA Store Cue 1 Cue 1

    You can confirm the move in the track window.

    Also some info on moving parts to normal cues here


    Just to add, you can select all the paramiters in a part using On Cue # Part #, then just store that.

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  • Something you need to be careful with if moving data parts using the above and Oops'ing.

    Lets say you have a Cue with Dimmer and Position data and you want to make it into two parts:

    Part 0 Dimmer Data

    Part 1 Position Data.

    If I enter run the cue then:

    IfOutput Sequence 1 - Selects the fixtures in the cue

    On Encoder Page 2 - Or On then Press Position Feature Group Enters the Position data for the selected fixture into the programmer

    Store Cue 1 Part 1 - Stores the programmer into Part 1, thus moving Position data from Cue 1 Part 0 to Cue 1 Part 1

    Oops - Position Data is put back into the programmer and removed from Part 1

    Oops or ClearAll - Position data is lost

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