The Load Command Tracks from last running cue, not from previous cues.

  • When you use the Load command it does not seem to properly track the previous cues, instead it of tracks from the last cue that was run.

    For example I have the following cue list:

    So when I get to Cue 3 It looks like this.

    Cue 4 stores everything in blue and a dimmer value of 0.

    The issue happens when I'm in Cue 4 and I Load Cue 3 Go+

    I end up looking like this:

    Basically it took the recorded values but did not track forward the dimmers from Cues 1 or 2.

    Stranger still, if I bring the dimmers up in the programmer I end up with this:

    Fixture 2 and 3 are correct since they have data stored in cue 3, however fixture 1 looks like is tracked from cue 4 not the previous cues as I would have expected.

    If I instead use Goto Cue 3 that works as you expect.

    I was not sure if this was a bug or a feature but in MA2 both Goto and Load seem to work in similar ways (they track forward as expected), and the manual for Load on the 3 does not explain how this should work, feels like a bug though, since you are not sure what you might get.

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