Moving Cues to an empty sequence causes Sequence sheet to go blank and Oops to fail.

  • Kind of an odd one I just ran into.

    A little setup first:

    • Open a Cmd Window you can see the oops steps.
    • Open a Sequence Sheet and Sequence Pool Windows so you can select view the sheet

    Then do the following:

    • Store Seq 1 Cue 1 thru 10 
    • Select Sequence 1 notice you have 10 empty cues in the Sequence Sheet.
    • Move Seq 1 Cue 6 thru 10 at Seq 2 Cue 1  Seq 1 should only have Cues 1 - 5 (all good so far)
    • Select Sequence 2 notice the sequence windows is blank, actually it blinks every so often and you can kind of scroll it you can also Go+ cues on it.

    Now lets undo...

    • Press Oops until you get to the Above Move command in the Cmd Sheet (twice if you are following along) Now Sequence 1 is selected again but notice it only has Cues 1 thru 5
    • PSelect Sequence 2 Notice Sequence 2 looks normal again but still has cues 7 through 10, where is 6?
    • PSelect Sequence 1 Notice Cue 6 has appeared again. but our Undo has in fact failed to get us back to our starting point.

    The workaround seems to be to use the Copy command since it seems to do the right thing and can be Oops'ed. The Move command does not mess up the Sequence window if the sequence already exists but it does mess up the Oops command.

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