Step recipes

  • 1. No, "Sin" is in this context just a shortcut/enumvalue/channelset for Curve property @ 100%

    2. Speedmode is a property of a StepRecipe and of the Stepcreator , use the Set keyword to set this property:


    Set StepCreator Property "SpeedMode" "PerStep"

    Set StepCreator Property "SpeedMode" "PerLoop"

    Set StepRecipe 4 "SpeedMode" "PerStep"

    Set StepRecipe 5 Thru 8 "SpeedMode" "PerLoop"

  • I'll just borrow the thread for a related issue.

    Isn't the 'PerStep' in the StepEditor a bit misleading?

    From what I've seen the number of steps doesn't really matter but the number of fixtures does...

    Maybe call this PerFixture and add a PerStep that is based on the number of steps?

    I believe this third mode could be useful too.