Move a fader to a position by makro

  • Hello together,

    how to move a fader to a position like zero?

    Following examples doesnt work:

    exec 1.201 at 0

    zero exec 1.201

    tozero exec 1.201

    off exec 1.201

    ive also tried it with exec 201 instead of 1.201

    Thank you

  • Use the "fader<fadertype>" keyword to set the desired level on the fadertype you want. For example, "FaderMaster Exec 201 At 0". As playback is owned by the sequence now and not the executor, you can use the same keywords directly on sequences:

    • FaderMaster Sequence 1 At 100
    • FaderTemp Sequence 1 At 50

    ...and so forth.

    Also, Exec 1.201 would be the 201st child of Exec 1. In grandMA3, x.y is always the "yth" child of object "x". Executors are children of Page objects, so if you want to specify exec 201 on page 1, you would either say "Page 1 Exec 201" or simplify with "Page 1.201".

  • At least in this first release it seems that faderm 201 at 50 is working for both master faders and temp faders.
    Do we have to make a good old MA1 stepped macro to make fade times for executors?

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  • When you use the executor object as target, currently any Fader* command will use the function actually assigned to the executor handle.

    If you need to apply a specific function, rather the one assigned to the executor-handle, you will have to target the sequence directly as in Ryans example

    In a future version we will hopefully be able to target specific function also indirectly via the executor, along with a dedicated keyword merely to target whatever function is assigned to the executorhandle.

    In the current version, you can use the Exec Time master to set fadetime for these actions.

  • No, sorry, that's not what I want to do.

    More in Detail:

    I want to exchange some Executor Faders and during the Exchange the Status of the Fader should be copied to the exchanged Sequence/Executor

    So e.g. Exec 1.201 ist at 27% and will be moved (and turned off later) to 1.215 and Exec 1.214 is moved to 1.201 but should have a level of 27% as well then.

    I want to do it beacuse I didn't find another way to let my lamps have several Dimmer states - All on / Odd-Even Chase triggered by Sound / Dim Phaser with tapping/ Dim by Bass SIgnal.

    I thought about using a GroupMaster as well, but then I can't use the button for anything else than flash - as far as I know. So I decided to call a cool Macro inside the Sequence that is doing as described above. Has anyone better ideas? Please give it to me! :)

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

  • Are you wanting to move that SEQUENCE to another executor so your physical executor handle (say 201) is now controlling another sequence?

    Playback in MA3 is on the Sequence level so simply moving the sequence to another executor will keep the playback/level...

  • No, I want to exchange two executors and keep the level of the "old" an moved Exec 1 and transmit it to the new Exec 1 with another Sequence in it.

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  • Hi,

    If it can help.

    For 2 sequences play you make 4.

    2 assign to a master (1 and 2) and 2 in the sequence pool which contain your projectors (3 and 4).
    then you do 2 macros.
    Macro 1
    Copy Sequence 3 At Sequence 2
    Copy Sequence 4 At Sequence 1

    Macro 2
    Copy Sequence 3 At Sequence 1
    Copy Sequence 4 At Sequence 2

    If you assign a macro to an exec (101).

    You have to add a line to the macros: Assign Macro x at Exec 101

  • I want to do it beacuse I didn't find another way to let my lamps have several Dimmer states - All on / Odd-Even Chase triggered by Sound / Dim Phaser with tapping/ Dim by Bass SIgnal.

    I think the cleanest solution would be to keep it all in one sequence by doing a loop for odd/even via the Cmd column:

    e.g. Sequence "MyDims"

    Cue "AllOn"

    Cue "Phaser"

    Cue "SoundCodes"

    Cue "Odd"

    Cue "Even", Trig:Sound

    Cue "Loop2Odd" (empty), Trig:Sound, Cmd: Goto Cue "Odd" Sequence "MyDims"

    Either use (Macro with) Goto commands to select what you want, or use Go+/-, and Top to exit odd/even Loop and jump to first cue,

  • Oh, thanks a lot for your very good ideas! I solved it via DMX out-and-In but to learn more I will try your even good looking methods as well!

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

  • When using syntax "FaderTemp Sequence 67 At 10" I got some unexpected result.

    FaderTemp moves X, XA, XB and TEMP

    FaderX moves X, XA, XB and TEMP

    Edit: I see now that they are linked when adjusting the actual fader also, but still...

    Can see how XA+XB = X but don't understand connection to Temp.

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  • Hi Jan,

    This is a known limitation.

    You will see the same behavior not only with cmdline but also if you e.g. make a dual-width exec, assign both Temp and crossfade to the same playback, and start pulling either fader

    This behavior is caused by these technically being the same function, but utilized with different options for what should happen when reaching 0 or 100%, e.g. regular crossfade will load next cue, while e.g temp-crossfade will not.

  • Is it possible to do a relative fadermaster change?

    Fadermaster seq x at - 10

    This sadly did not work for me.

  • How do you get a master fader to fade to a value?

    This works for Temp faders:

    FaderTemp Sequence 'move size' At 100 Fade .25

    This does not work for Master Faders - it just snaps to 0:

    FaderMaster Group 'Show Lights' At 0 Fade .25

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