Dimmer in phaser

  • I found a issue that has been reported when creating a phaser using dimmer in a preset, it is not using the values set in the preset. I was trying to recreate all the effects I had in MA2. I think I am missing something. Can anyone help explain how to create a phaser like the predefined one in MA3 called snap on from scratch? A phaser that snaps an attribute on and fades it out? In MA2 I would use a form but in MA3 I am stuck. It clearly is possible as it is a predefined phaser I just don't know how to do it?


  • Snap could be done with a Step-Width of 0 and/or a Step-Transition of 0 (depending on what you wanted to have happen after that).

    So for example:

    1. Fixtures to full
    2. Change to Step 2
    3. Fixtures to zero
    4. Change back to Step 1 and set the Width to 0
      • (Optionally change the Transition to 0 and adjust the Width to find the desired time for the lights to stay at full before fading down)
    5. Adjust Speed and Phase as desired
  • Transition: How long the crossover from one step to the next step is.

    Acceleration: Describes the transition curve for the last half (of the transition) into the step.

    Deceleration: Describes the transition curve for the first half out of the step.

    Acceleration Step 1|Step 1|Deceleration Step 1|Acceleration Step 2|Step 2|Deceleration Step "|....

    Open the phaser window, create a 2 step phaser with dimmer values and play around with transition, acceleration and deceleration, and you will easily see, how they react.