• I have an annoying issue with ScreenConfig.

    It resets itself back to default buttons from time to time.

    Is this a known issue?

    I am using a ScreenConfig that I have added to the list. (Not the Default)

    Not sure if I can reproduce it, have happened doing different operations.

  • I'm curious for what you're using additional screenconfigs beyond Default and 3D? The general purpose for this feature is so that you can have a programming station and a previz station logged into the same user but that won't change views on the previz station (presumably away from the 3D window) when you change views on the programming station. All screenconfigs of the same userprofile still reference the same View Pool, so perhaps you're changing the views on a station or user with a different screenconfig and then seeing the result of those changes in the other user?

  • Hi Ryan

    Nothing complicated here :) I thought it was a replacement for ViewButton Pages.

    I guess there still are pages then?

    I don't think the user manual is very precise on this.

    "Different screen configurations can be created."

    From what I've seen it contains the current windows on each screens and the ViewButtons on each screen.

    As I already have 1000 Views available I thought the ViewButtons was the main purpose.

    I'm working as a single user on a single station.

    One instance I added a new user and my ScreenConfig got reset in the process.

    Another instance I came back from Patch I think. (Problem is you might not notice right away)

    I first thought that my ScreenConfig had been swapped with the default, but it was my stored ScreenConfig that had changed.

    You got me a bit curious too Ryan, regarding the general purpose.

    Assuming you use such previz station to get better performance with a high spec computer running OnPC.

    There are 5 screens available, seems to me only fullsize users with two external screens would need this ?

  • ViewButtons historically represented a fixed number of hardkeys, found next to touchscreen(s) of earlier generations.

    grandMA2 introduced multiple pages for these hardkeys.

    However most users did not utilize this multipage feature on gma2, as swapping back and fourth between pages was time consuming, and you couldn't directly operate the viewbuttons at any time with a predictable result, but needed to first check that you were on the right page.

    Another challenge with pages is that you switched Viewbuttons for all screens, which often did not make sense, resulting in empty viewbuttons on screens where you hadn't populated the other pages. Having individual page status for each screen could solve this but most likely just create a mess.


    To quickly have access to more views than the ones available via your Viewbuttons, you can add ViewPool-Windows as part of your Views.

    A popular solution is to have single-row ViewPool-window, on top or bottom of your screen to easily call more Views related to the one you called from the Viewbutton. The scrollposition of a window is stored in each View, so you can scroll your Viewpool to different location to get access to different additional views.

  • I am now using only the Default ScreenConfig.

    If I export my User Profile and import it in another show same thing happens.

    All ViewButtons are reset to default.

    I have moved the built in Views inside the Pool.

    If I delete them they are regenerated and mess up the ViewPool.

    I liked the built in Views and Viewbuttons the first few times, now they're a pain in t....

    PS. Same problem with New Show and clean user.

  • When importing, please make sure that you are importing your xml-file as a new profile, and not importing it into the existing profile (that already contains the default views/viewbuttons)

    in other words set the focus/cursor on the line that says "New UserProfile" then press the Import Button, then assign this new profile to the desired user(s)

    You could also consider to create a "startshowfile" that has your user/userprofile ++, but no patch etc, and load this template showfile, instead of pressing the NewShow button that creates a showfile with the default views.

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