Three Times Clear

  • Hey guys!

    I am an absolutely beginner which is just doing the online tutorials atm.. so i am already sorry for this :saint:

    ...yeah, I am trying now since almost one hour and can't find the problem: I set the dimmer of two groups to full. Then when i am going to click three times the clear button: everything is off expect the dimmer of the group with the Quants jumps back to 100% ?! why are this lamps are doing this?

    screen captured while trying:

    *help* *thanks in advance*

  • Not 100% sure but it's possible you have a sequence running. To quickly check this you can press the Off Key twice to bring up the Off Menu. if any Sequence is running it should be in this grid of sequences. To kill the sequence you can either tap the running sequence from the Off Menu or Press the Everything Off button at the bottom right to stop everything from running.

    This can happen for a number of reasons but if you had an sequence assigned to an executor and deleted the executor while the sequence was running, the sequence will continue to run without a executor.

  • It could also be the Quants have a default Value off 100%...

    Could you tell us exectly which Fixture Type you are using?


    - GMA3 Compact XT

    - GMA3 Command Wing

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  • hoss: neither nor...

    Steve_Mutter: i used the extended mode with 27th channel footprint

    Luke: i do. created one directly in the beginning...

    Update: didn't changed anything important and now it works again how it should.... on my MBP.

    So far i only used the onPC Software on my MBP. This morning i installed it on my Windows PC and now i have the same problem there with an Eurolite MH75... Also there i created a Userprofil directly. When i try to delete one of them now the app shuts down..