• I thought my Level Wheel had stopped working as it did not increase the Dim value.

    Turns out it is possible to turn it down below zero.

    It will keep counting and you have to turn the same amount up before you reach zero again.

    Same happens in Up direction.

    I think I would put this at least in 'Unexpected behaviour'.

    (This was on a Light CRV)

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  • I just tried this on my Light and it seems to work as intended for me. I tried on Normal, Fine and Coarse resolutions.

    However only if you are in the Wheel Mode of Additive.

    For example in additive mode if you enter:

    1 thru 3 at 0 thru 100

    Then scroll the wheel up or down the three fixture will come in parity and then move together, something in your selection is always moving until you hit 0 or 100 then continuing past does not cause the issue.

    However if you are in any other mode this works a little differently, in Incremental:

    1 thru 3 at 0 thru 100

    Then scroll up, here you can scroll channel 1 past 100 because the desk is trying to keep the delta between the fixtures. so eventually when you scroll back down the same amount you went up the fixtures will move back down still in proportion to each other.

    It does kind of seem like a bug in that if the first or last fixture in the selection grid hits the 0 or 100 (or all of the values in the selection are the same) then it should stop counting the wheel since none of the fixtures in the selection should technically be moving past it's limit.

    Secondly if you have a single fixture selected the same rules currently apply, so you can continue past 0 or 100.

    This may not actually be a bug with the tree structure in mind, what about sub fixtures? how is this effected by align?

    Not sure this is your issue though.

  • Yes hoss, I was in incremental mode.

    Didn't see that connection since I was adjusting single fixture.

    I'll stick to my conclusion of unexpected behaviour though.

    The encoders seem to operate in Incremental mode all the time and they manage to understand when it's time to stop counting.

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