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  • I've used Sunstrip for this test but the same happens to similar fixtures:

    If I select one Sunstrip, press Down and then Next I will select the individual SubFixtures as expected.

    If I select two or more, press Down and then Next I will select 10 and 10 SubFixtures. (=The whole fixture, I expected to step through all one by one)

    If I select one Sunstrip, press Down and then use Align on Dim result is as expected. Different values.

    If I select two or more, press Down and then use Align on Dim result is same value on all SubFixtures per Sunstrip.

    When it is like this it doesn't matter if you work on the main Fixture or the SubFixtures...

    (MaTricks will not use the SubFixtures either)

    Is this something that will change?

  • a sunstrip as a fixture have no more attributes than the cells themselves so there are less difference than other multipartfixtures when doing Down

    You should see some difference to the Set&Next and Set&Prev commands when applied to the main fixtures versus after digging Down

    If you haven't already, check out this thread, which might give some more insight of the behavior of the current implementation:

    Multi instance fixtures

  • I looked at the other thread.
    I agree that there is no added functionality - it's still the same lamps when using down.

    However it's a huge difference to be able to control each lamp/children individually.

    Unfortunately this doesn't work in the current implementation, and what's the purpose of parent/children then?

    (This apply as I mentioned if you select more than one Fixture/Parent)

    This behaviour is not specific to simple fixtures, it also happens on the favourite demo fixture AlienPix for instance.

    I reckon that's because it's a selection problem and has nothing to do with attributes.

    When down on the SubFixture level I would expect to operate as if they were individual fixtures.

    E.g. change selection order, use MaTricks, use Align ++

  • You can control lamp/children individually, with more than one fixture/Parent selected, and using the Down function.

    - the NextY function is intended for this (hold Set while pressing Next)

    Use Next to subselect all cells of each fixtures, and use Set&Next to subselect individual cells of each fixture


    Fixture 1 Thru 4


    Next ; Next ; Next

    -> All cells of third fixture is subselected

    NextY ; NextY

    -> Second cell of third fixture is subselected (individually controlled)


    Fixture 1 Thru 4



    -> First cell of all fixtures is subselected

    Next ; Next

    -> First cell of second fixture is subselected (individually controlled)

  • OK, I did not catch what you meant by 'Set&Next' in your first reply.

    Thanks for explaining, I have not seen any reference to that or the Nexty command anywhere else.

    I can select individual SubFixtures, but I still see no option to treat all SubFixtures as individuals together.

    To me that would be the obvious behaviour after the first Down.

    I guess because of the GridView this is not so obvious any more, as what I want would be shown as a single long line in Gridview.

    I hope it will be some easy way to do that, it's quite tedious to select all SubFixtures without activating the main Fixture.

    Even if there is a clever way to select that I don't know about, it would be better to get there from the main Fixtures.

    Here is an example of what I mean:

    If I select 10 Sunstrips with 10 lamps each and apply a Step Recipe it will be treated as 10 Fixtures.

    All 10 lamps on each Sunstrips will do the same.

    Before or after pressing Down does not matter.

    I would like the StepRecipe to see 100 lamps and spread out over them. Each with different Phase.

    (And use random order, Matricks, Align ++)

  • as mentioned in the other thread, there are still a lot of desired functionality of grid manipulation, that are yet to come

    In the meantime, a workaround for your scenario could be a macro that goes something like this:

    Macro "Down to single line"


    Store World "myTemp" /o

    World "myTemp"


    Fixture *.*

    World 1

    Delete World "myTemp"

  • Thanks for this workaround Andreas. I believe the macro works perfectly.

    But I ran into some unexpected results when trying this out further, hope you can shed some light on it.

    Let's say I have 10 Sunstrips FID 1 thru 10

    I'm using align / on all examples.

    1 thru X -> Macro = works as expected with one line in the Grid and values spread out over all (X=2...10)

    1 + 6 -> Macro = places the two fixtures apart in the line as if 2 - 4 was also there. Values are spread as if there were 6 fixtures.

    This goes for all variations of jumps in the selection.

    4 thru 6 -> Macro = this fools the auto-zoom in the Grid so nothing is shown, but they are selected properly.

    They are placed in the position 4-6 would have if all 10 was selected.

  • So it seems that wildcard and range selections matches fixtures and assigns grid-positions before the World-boundary is applied.

    This is undesirable and a bug in my opinion.

    Apparently a more complex workaround is required.....

    Maybe the one below will better survive your thorough testing. :)

    Macro "Down to single line" - take 2:

    Lua "local C,G,F,N,s,n=Cmd,GetSubfixture,SelectionFirst,SelectionNext;C('Reset Matricks');C('Down');s=G(F());n=s;if N(F()) then C('Grid 0');repeat;C(n:ToAddr());n=G(F());until n==s;end"

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