Saving a cue based on executor outputs?

  • Hey all!

    Does anyone know if its possible to save a look based on the outputs of my active cue stacks and chases?

    i.e. If I build a cue stack of different color looks, a second stack of position cues and a toggle button of a chase, could I activate them, find a combination I like and save it to main executor, clear the programmer, build a second look, save it to the main executor and then fire between the two cues with the Go+ Button?

    This would save me a LOT of time on show site when the client doesn't know what they want, but wants active input when going through show flow at reheasals.

    Thanks in advance for all the help!

  • Hi Ian Paul,

    try to use the "Store Look" function. This function stores exactly what you see on the output!
    You get the "Store Look" command by pressing and holding the "MA" key and then pressing the "Store" key.

    Hope that helps.

    Cheers, Daniel

  • This is a great feature. Is it possible to exclude certain fixtures from the Store Look command? For instance, if I have my houselights programmed into their own stack and that stack is running because there are people that need to see during rehearsal or whatever and I'm programming, can I create my look as mentioned above with other executors/programmer values/etc and then store that look whilst excluding the house lights from this new look? I don't want my houselights programmed into any stack except for my main houselight stack.


  • A solution could be to park your Houselightfixtures during programming/Rehearsals

    press MA&Pause then your houselight executor

    pull down your houselightfader
    ->houslight stays on, but will not be included in StoreLook

    press MA&Go+ then your houselight executor to unpark

  • Hi everybody,

    please be carefull Storelook will also store the parked fixtures with a closed value for the dimmer:

    > If the dimmer value is bigger than 0 it stores additional all further attributes.
    > If the dimmer value is 0, it stores only the dimmer value because there is no further actual output of the fixture.


    You can try to exclude the fixture after you have stored the look. Please use the command "Remove".

    Hopefully this helps!


  • Double post, but with the same solution.

    If park is not flexible enough for you, because you have to switch the houselights on and off multiple times during rehearsal then you can remove this values from the cues after finishing the programming.
    First select the fixtures you like to remove and double press the Please key to bring all parameters into the programmer. Then press Store Cue 1 thru Executor x.y. and press Remove in the popup.
    This way the houselights are not stored with a 0% value in every cue and you can still have manually control over it.

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