Grouping Fixture

  • Grouping Fixture can only allow DImmer values...why it does not allow Pan and Tllt ?

    Say...I have a grouping fixture (FID no. 1) and under that is all spot (11-18).

    If i select FID 1.....i turn the dimmer knob.... FID 11-18 also shows changes in Dimmer.

    but for P/T does not work that way.

  • This works for me,

    I have a grouping fixture at 100 and under it 3 spots (101, 102, 103)

    If I enter Fixture 100 Please, then change the dimmer or position encoders it works on all fixtures in the group.

    You can also use the Down key to drill into the group selecting all of the fixtures in the group directly and that should work as well.