• I need an effect that is like the 2 color soft effect, but with three colors. The guides say to select the fixtures and then a preset type, but I have no presets and it doesn't specify what kind of preset, so I'm lost. Does anyone have any advice or guide to make a color effect or have a download of one? Much thanks!

  • Hi sirsean,

    in gMA2 and dot2, an effect is an automatic change between two values.

    How the change happens can be manipulated, but whatever you do, you can´t change between three values.

    (This has been changed in the gMA3 series, which is able to do automatic changes up to 64 values.

    The two values in between the dot2 effects can change, are called "low" and "high" value.

    You can either choose a color from the colorpicker as a "low" or "high" value, or you can select a color preset (if you´ve got any).

    You can trick around by creating several effects - one for each of your color mixes: Red, green and blue to create more complex color effects (like the RGB rainbow template that you´ll find in color effects), but you can´t escape from changing between two values per color mix attribute.

    So when your aim is to do a three color soft change, one solution could be to use an executor with three cues instead.

    So not an effect, but a cue list that runs from one cue to the next- cue one light red, cue two yellowgreen and cue three dark blue f.e.

    If you put in each of the cues a cue time and or a fade and put the trigger to "follow", the dot2 switches to the next cue automaticly after the former cue has finished all of it´s timings.

    You can also switch the cue list into a "chaser" via the executor settings- a chaser means that all involved cues get the same timings,

    but chasers can easily be switched to run forward and backwards.

    Hope this gets you onto the right path ?


  • 1) Import predefined color phasers

    2) Make sure the step "bar" is visible or add it to your screen (optional)

    3) Select a fixture with RGB attributes

    4) Start a predefined 2-way colour phaser

    5) Use the arrows on the step bar to switch between step 1of2 and 2of2, you will find the arrows also on the programmer screen above the 5th encoder.

    6) press the right arrow again to create step 3 of 2

    7) change the colour of this step, maybe the colours on step 1 and step 2, too.

    8) save as a new phaser

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