Minor Playback User Rights issues.

  • The Guest or Playback users have some minor issues.

    • User can enter values into the programmer but not clear them out. The user can turn Freeze on and off so they can get overridden.
    • User can store a empty cue into a empty sequence. Store Seq x Cue x; where Seq x does not exist.
    • User can Store empty Cue/Cue Parts into any sequence.  Store Seq x Cue x Part x.
  • I am curious to know an update to the user rights for playback. Not being able to clear is a huge problem and I am disappointed that it still is not fixed. Is there an expected time for this to be resolved?

  • Thank you Andreas. That combined with "off selection" seems to work. I will build a macro to keep it simple too.

    Still would be best to get Clear implemented into the Playback rights as most will expect that behavior.

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