dot2 onpc hardware questions

  • Hello,
    I'm currently pricing out some PC control solutions for a theater. A couple questions about dot2.

    1) Can the dot2 software be used with third party DMX outputs for just 1 universe, similar to the MA2 onpc software - or must the node4 be used to output DMX?

    2) I've read that 3rd party midi controllers cannot access all programming functions of the console. Can the MA2 onpc command wing be used with the dot2 software?

    3) Basically I'm trying to get a hardware programming surface with the dot2 software, but so far it seems that it's actually possible to do this less expensively with the full software. Am I missing something?

    Thank you,

  • 1. Dot2 onPC will need a dot2 node to unlock DMX output for the software. The unlocked channels can be used with other network protocols and nodes like Artnet or sACN.

    2. The MA2 onPc command wing can't be used with dot2 software as it is a different system.
    If you are interested in the command wing you can use MA2 onPC with it (its also free) and it has a node inbuilt, so 2048 parameters get unlocked and you can use Artnet or sACN too.

    3. As the dot2 onPC software has a scalable layout you can use a touch screen very easy to use it with the benefit to have the full console keys and encoders. Midi control is also possible but probably not with the full functionality.