Manufacture of MA3 on PC wing

  • I ordered a MA3 PC command wing last fall from the distributor (Full Compass)

    It's going on 4 months, they claim the manufacturer has no eta on shipment!

    At the outset I was told it would be in December/January.:rolleyes:

  • Hi Mike,

    sorry to hear that you´re facing problems in delivery of your Command Wing.

    All we can say is that the demand is higher than what can be produced,

    but I am quite sure that your dealer told you about delivery times , when you have placed your order?

    Please let us not discuss sales/ delivery in this Forum, as we try to concentrate on technical things here.

    Mike, please contact act lighting- they are the exclusive distributor for MA lighting products in the US and

    I am sure the guys will be happy to help.