AT Fonction

  • Hello everyone, my question is about the AT button in the control bar.

    Unless there is an error on my part, the "remove", "release" ects .. functions only affect the dimmer. Is it possible to modify this so that they influence all the features of the selected fixture ?

    Thank you in advance

  • There is no easy and permanently way to modify the At-bar.

    The At function by default apply to dimmer only.


    At 50

    will set the dimmer value, not all features.

    You could create your own button for this, via a macro containing e.g.

    Remove Selection

    or use the hardkeys, e.g.

    Delete Delete Fixture Fixture Please

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  • Thank you for your answer, to follow, maybe in the future via a User profile or other we will have the choice.

    Have a good day