Multi instance fixtures

  • In a test with 6 sunstrips from the MA3 library I have the following result with the command 'at 100 fade 4 delay 0 thru 16':

    Group 1, fixture 1 thru 6: fixture 1 at full then fixture 2,3 thru 6 with delay as expected. 6 fixtures in a column in selection grid.

    Group 2: same selection but with command Down. A 6x10 matrix in selection grid.

    Same behaviour as group 1.

    Group 3: Same selection but with down; nexty. First instance in each fixture with delay, as expected. A 6x10 matrix in selection grid with instance highlighted.

    Group 4: the same fixtures selected with lasso from left to right in 3D: each instances in fixture 1 with delay , then each instance in fixture 2 with delay and so on. All units in 1 column in selection grid.

    As usual I am looking forward to a logical explanation.

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  • for a fixture like the sunstrip, which have no added functionality on a fixture level, using the function Down (dig down into the tree and select the children instead of the parent) gives minimal difference, as any value-changing commands given to the parents will be passed down to the children.

    the Down keyword will select children and place them on the grid, in the position of the parent, distributed along the first unused axis

    Using an unused axis for the children allows for re-selection of any parents via the Up keyword, while preserving the original grid position of the parents


    Fixture 1 Thru 6

    -> Sunstrips are selected and placed along the x-axis


    ->Sunstrip cells are selected and placed along the y-axis

    As Align (via encoders or cmdline) in version is always distributing along the x-axis, you could "rotate" the grid with the following workflow

    Fixture 1 Thru 6

    -> Sunstrips are selected and placed along the x-axis

    Matricks "xwidth" 1 ; Down ; Reset Matricks

    ->Sunstrips are placed along the y axis -> Sunstrip cells are selected and placed along the x-axis


    I am sure that iteration of the gma3 software will expand the possibilities to more easily manipulate the grid, and/or allow for aligning in other directions than the x-axis.

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