Random crashes on Intel i7 7260U NUC (Windows 10 1803)

  • I’m getting intermittent and random crashes without apparent reasons. Running v + Command Wing.

    It has crashed to Desktop and restarted itself twice, which has caused me to loose any unsaved changes to my base showfile. Also twice the UI crashed, showing nothing but random characters and icons, some twitching like crazy,causing me to be unable to use anything on the touchscreen until i force closed the software and restarted it. The Command Wing worked fine while the UI was in this unusable state. I couldn’t get any pictures because this happened moments before showtime.

    The showfile is quite basic, there are about 50 fixtures patched, all of them simple Dimmer or RGB LEDs. Nothing fancy, not even Moving Lights or anything non-simple.

    Any ideas? Are there any logs or dumps I can give to anyone to find the issue? This desk is supposed to be in a live production environment, so it should at least be stable...